5 Facebook Tips for Business Owners

Using Facebook and other social media platforms can be very daunting for business owners. Trying to manage everyday business as well as market your brand effectively on Facebook can be a bit of a challenge.

We have picked our top 5 tips to speed up and tidy up your daily Facebook management routine. These tips should not only help you to make your page more presentable and visibly appealing but they will help you save time and in some cases give you inspiration for those days you just can’t figure out what should be posted.

1. Choose or Upload Images when sharing links

Sharing links on Facebook has become a little more complicated recently. When you paste a link you want to share, you will see a choice of images you can select from or you can upload your own custom image. This may sound simple, but a lot of people don’t take the time to make sure their posts are visually appealing. If you do, you will get more views, more likes and more engagement, so make sure all your posts look good!

When you paste your link into the Facebook status area, it will automatically select images from the web page which you can use to display with the link. It is at this point you must decide if any of the images are suitable for your post.

Often none of these images are suitable for a nice tidy, visually appealling post so in this case you would deselect the numbered images by clicking on them and then you would upload either one or multiple images using the plus symbol next to the automatically selected images and follow the prompts.

If there are suitable images selected all you have to do is highlight one or more images to appear with the post. In the case you are using more than one image you can choose their display order, this is reflected in the number in the corner when the image is highlighted (this is also the case when uploading images).

TIP: The ideal size for an uploaded image is: 470 x 246

If you just want one hero image (which can often be the most appealing), just choose the images you don’t want by clicking on them.

2. Facebook Object Debugger

Have you ever found it super frustrating when you’re trying to share a link and no image preview comes up at all, and because of this you can’t even upload a different image into the post?

Don’t fret! The reason nothing is showing up (provided there is at least one image on the page) is because Facebook hasn’t ‘scraped’ the page yet so it doesn’t know anything is there. To fix the issue simply visit Facebook’s Graph Object Debugger input the URL for the page you are wanting to share and click the right hand button “fetch new scrape information” and you’re done! Head back to your Facebook page and share the link complete with images!

3. Claim your Vanity URL

This is often overlooked by both new and existing users. When you first make your page you will get an automatically generated url that looks something like www.facebook.com/pages/your-brand/492448667491639. You can easily change it to something like our Facebook page name www.facebook.com/HarnessCommunications. This will make it much easier for you to share your page with your fans.

To change your Page’s URL & Username:

  • Go to: facebook.com/username
  • Select which page you wish to change the user name for from the drop down menu.
  • Type a username and click Check Availability.
  • If the username is available, click Confirm.


TIP: Choose carefully, Facebook will only allow you to change your URL once more after this.

4. Utilise the “Call To Action” button.

The call to action button helps you push people from your Facebook page to other apps and web pages that are important to your business. It is completely free and easy!

To add the Call to Action button to your page:

  1. Go to your Page’s cover photo and click on button Create Call to Action
  2. Choose which call to action you would like to appear and enter the corresponding URL. If you have a separate mobile website you can enter that too. There is no need to worry about this if your site is responsive just leave it blank. Not sure if your site is responsive or need help? Get In Touch
  3. Click next, there will be an option for what happens when people on IOS (iphone,ipad) click on your call to action. Select website from the drop down menu.
  4. Hit next again the same option will appear for android users. Select website from the drop down menu.
  5. Click “create” and you are done!

5.Utilising the “pages to watch” tool

Do you want to follow what your competition is up to on Facebook? You can track them with this handy tool! With information about how their page is performing and a preview of top posts you may even find some inspiration here.

Click on Insights at the top of your Facebook page, scroll to the bottom of the page where it says pages to watch below that there is a button you can click to add pages.

Note: You must have 100 likes to use this functionality.

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