CHIA: Winner at New Zealand Food Awards

Nelson artisan drinks company, CHIA, is thrilled to have been named the winner of the Massey University Healthy Choice at the New Zealand Food Awards last night.

Launched in 2012, by father and daughter co-owners Ben and Chloe Van Dyke, CHIA produces three all-natural drinks containing the chia seed, a natural ‘superfood’ rich in vegetable Omega 3, complete protein, minerals, electrolytes, fibre and antioxidants.

At last night’s New Zealand Food Awards, those health benefits were recognised, with Chloe accepting the award on behalf of the company,

“We have a huge passion for providing healthier alternatives to everyday Kiwis and I am really proud to receive this award,” Chloe said.

“There’s nothing else quite like CHIA and being so new to the market, it’s great to see that our drinks are being enjoyed. The response has been truly fantastic.”

It has also been about a growing tendency for Kiwis to choose nutritionally superior products, she explained.

“And that is really encouraging to see, which is why I’d also like to acknowledge the other finalists, because they are all really impressive in their own right in offering Kiwis better options.”

CHIA is made by hydrating the seeds, then blending with natural ‘super-juices’ including blueberry, blackcurrant as well as orange and passionfruit. The drinks are bottled in Nelson without any artificial colours, flavours of preservatives and no added sugar, making CHIA 100% natural.

CHIA is full of naturally-occurring electrolytes, providing sustained hydration as well as a steady release of energy from slow-release carbohydrates and improving energy levels without sugar spikes.

“I’d also like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way, without them we wouldn’t be where we are now,” Chloe said.

CHIA’s three flavours, Blueberry and Apple, Blackcurrant and Apple and Orange, Passionfruit and Apple are 100% natural, gluten free, GE free, vegan friendly and available in cafes, gyms, vegetable and organic stores and select supermarkets nationwide.

To find out more:

About the owners

Ben and Chloe Van Dyke are the father-daughter duo behind CHIA. With a passion for healthy, active living, both Ben and Chloe started using CHIA as an everyday health drink at home. After noticing the improvements to their endurance, energy, concentration and well-being, Ben and Chloe decided to share CHIA with others.

Ben and Chloe are both passionate about delivering a healthy, natural drink and are currently trialling growing organic chia seeds in Nelson with the intention of developing a local supply of chia seeds in the next few years.

About the benefits

One bottle of CHIA contains:

• Over 2500mg of omega 3 – important for brain, heart, & skin health, and is an anti-inflammatory.
• Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, & Zinc) – for strong bones, muscle relaxation, adrenal health, energy and immune function.
• Protein – all essential amino acids for strength and muscle repair and growth.
• Electrolytes – potassium & sodium for optimal hydration
• Fibre – for digestive health and cleansing
• Complex carbohydrates for sustained energy (no sugar spike)
• Antioxidants – to reduce oxidative stress
• 100% Natural, No preservatives, No added sugar, Vegan, Gluten Free.