Mill Orchard Creating Family Friendly, New Zealand Grown Fruit Juice

A South Island family owned and operated juice company Mill Orchard is ensuring Kiwi families have healthier fruit juice choices.

Mill Orchard produces all natural, not from concentrate fruit juice, made entirely from New Zealand fruit.

The fruit is crushed, the juice extracted and flash pasteurized, with a small amount of vitamin C added. That’s it.

The tiny nutritious fruit particles are also left in the juice mix, to ensure you’re able to get even more of the goodness found in fruit.

There’s no added sugar or artificial preservatives, colours or flavours and the juice is not from concentrate – something that is very rare in the industry, with most fruit juices containing imported concentrates.

That’s good news for parents who can have peace of mind that their children are getting their vitamins and nutrients, without the added ‘extras’.

As a family run operation, with Nick White and wife Carey, along with brother William and wife, Gaye, at the helm, the company is dedicated to offering fruit juice that is suitable for the whole family.

They’re also loyal to New Zealand growers, sourcing their fruit not only from their own apple orchard in North Canterbury, but from all over the country. The range includes South Island apples and blackcurrants, Nelson boysenberries, and Gisborne oranges and lemons.

And it’s paying off, with the family company growing its production to around 1300 bottles each day, with five different juice varieties.

Mill Orchard’s production includes a 250ml range, created with the busy family in mind. It’s a quick and easy way to get one of your five servings of fruit a day, and also has fun packaging just for the kids.

The flavours available in the 250ml range include Classic Apple, Apple Orange, Apple Berry and Apple Currant and are available in selected New World and PaknSave supermarkets as well as cafes nationwide.

Mill Orchard’s guidelines for choosing a family friendly fruit juice:

1) No added sugar
Always choose a fruit juice without added sugar. If juice is made from naturally sweet, ripe fruit then it doesn’t need sugar to taste great!

2) Use-by date
Check the used by date of your juice after opening. Our fruit juice lasts about a week in the fridge, like a piece of fruit really. That’s because we don’t include any preservatives or additives or any sugar. It’s just better for you!

3) New Zealand grown
Check the labels and do some research; is your juice coming from New Zealand grown fruit? If not, the juice may be made from imported concentrates, which means the juice won’t have the natural delicious flavours of real fruit and have artificial flavours added instead so will not taste as good. And it also doesn’t support our local growers.

4) Five plus a day
Our 250ml range has been created to power the whole family. It’s a quick and easy way to get one of your five servings of fruit a day. The Ministry of Health advises one serving of juice (250ml), together with four other servings of fruit and vegetables each day.

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