Pete’s Natural Lemonade: Champions for ‘fair trade at home’

Perseverance and determination to produce all-natural lemonades, made with entirely local ingredients, is paying off for Nelson artisan company, Pete’s Natural Lemonade.

The company, founded four years ago, creates four mouth-watering, freshly-squeezed lemonades, made with only New Zealand grown, natural produce.

The philosophy of husband and wife owners, Pete and Marleen, is about keeping it simple, and above all about keeping it New Zealand made, in order to produce lemonades made the traditional way. They call this, ‘fair trade at home’.

“We have always supported local growers and we want to ensure that our lemonades are and always will be 100 per cent New Zealand made,” explains Pete.

Traditional also means their lemonades contain no additives, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Pete’s Natural Lemonades are made from freshly squeezed fruits, not from concentrates, with the sweetness from the fruits’ natural sugars meaning only 5% added sugar is necessary. That means Pete’s contains up to 50% less sugar than other drinks.

“When you’re drinking Pete’s, you’re drinking all natural and that’s the way we intend to keep it,” says Marleen.

And they really are taking the local part seriously. The lemons, packed full of goodness, are grown and freshly picked right on their door step, in the sun-kissed Golden Bay and Moutere Valley.
The blackcurrants for Pete’s Blackcurrant Crush, launched in January 2011, arrive from Tapawera, in the Tasman region and being so close to home means these antioxidant rich berries are fresh from the orchard to the bottle.

For their Orange-Berry fusion, launched in November 2011, the Vitamin C rich oranges are grown in Gisborne, on the Poverty Bay flats, some of the most fertile soils in the country while the nutrient rich strawberries find their way to Nelson from trusted kiwi growers throughout the country.

With Pete’s Lime-o-Nade, launched in December last year, the limes come in with their lemons from Golden Bay and Moutere Valley, while the mint is grown in Blenheim.

“We have four flavours, including our original lemonade, and we think they are really special, not just in taste but in the way we have made them.

“We are really proud to be teaming up with fellow kiwis across the country to make sure we are using what we believe are the best quality ingredients for our lemonades,” says Pete.

Pete’s Natural Lemonades are available from selected cafes and supermarkets nationwide, including in all-new four packs. RRP: $4.00 – $4.80 per bottle. Head to to find out more.