We believe in gaining the broadest possible reach for our clients. and in this day and age digital communications is paramount. Our skilled team of media professionals continually keep up with the ever changing worlds of Social Media, Blogging, Web Design and more. The great thing about Harness Communications is we have the skills to convey the message along with the understanding of the technical issues you face. This means you get all you need in one place and nothing is left to chance.

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    Social Media

    We will open up the right channels so you can communicate with your target audience whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedIn or another social media giant. We select the right mediums to create and nurture a dedicated following. We develop strategic campaign ideas and plans, manage comments, messages and other customer communication to ensure your voice is heard with consistency and coherency.

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    Online PR / Social media influencers

    Online public relations is a fast growing world and we are constantly growing our blogger contacts and keeping up to date with the latest online trends. We identify and target partners that will suit your brand and your voice, whether it be through a podcast, YouTube clip, news website or simply viral imagery.

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    Website Design

    It is a special thing in our industry to truly bridge the gap between communications specialists and tech gurus. You usually run the risk of ending up with a superb website, with sub-par content, or an average website with great content. With Harness Communications, you will get a well-built, responsive (mobile friendly) website with content created by true communications professional.

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    Blogging comes in all different styles, it could be news about your company, weekly food recipes, or video blogging from your employees about how exciting their jobs are. We will work with you to unlock your website’s true potential by creating truly unique content for your website and blog.

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    Integrating Mediums

    It is all well and good to be active and present online but you also need to ensure that no stone is left unturned and everything you are doing is interlinked and interconnected. This will mean more people will see your content, your brand and your website and they will be far more likely to search out and purchase your product or service.

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    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a tried and true online marketing tool. We will utilise all your online mediums to create a contacts database so you can communicate directly with your target audience. Much like web design, we truly bridge the gap here, utilising both communications professionals and tech savvy web gurus.