ViBeri Organic Blackcurrants Thriving Under Clean, Green Model

South Canterbury blackcurrant company, ViBeri, is leading the way in sustainability, with the largest commercial, certified-organic blackcurrant orchard in the country.

Since 2011, husband and wife owners, Tony and Afsaneh Howey, have been producing their ViBeri range: 100 per cent organic, artisan, super-foods, created from their finest, freshly picked New Zealand blackcurrants.

The philosophy at ViBeri is about keeping things simple: growing and producing blackcurrant products made the traditional way.

Not only does that mean no herbicides or pesticides are used on their orchard, it also means no preservatives or additives are used in the ViBeri range.

“Right from making sure we’re growing and using the very best fruit, through to overseeing the product creation that customers eventually see in store and enjoy at home, we know there’s no compromise on quality,” Tony explains.

With many New Zealand products made using berries sourced from overseas, the South Island speciality food company is also ensuring kiwis are able to source the best produce, grown right here at home.

“We have a passion for guaranteeing kiwis have access to the best quality New Zealand-grown, organic products,” Afsaneh says.

A proven super-food, New Zealand blackcurrants are known for their extraordinarily high levels of Vitamin C, and contain an impressive amount of one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, anthocyanins, responsible for the berry’s rich, purple colour.

“It used to be blueberries but now word is getting out there that blackcurrants, and in particular those grown here in New Zealand, hold far more health benefits. They actually have more than twice the level of anthocyanins than blueberries,” Tony says.

In keeping with their philosophy, ViBeri is on a mission to educate people about the benefits of this little superfood.

“It’s simple really: just clean, healthy, smart eating, that’s what we’re about and it’s what we want everyone to be able to experience,” Afsaneh explains.

The ViBeri blackcurrant range includes snap frozen (350gm RRP: $7.90); freeze dried (40gm: RRP $7.90); soft dried (100gm RRP: $9.90); and organic chocolate covered (90gm: RRP $12.90) and is 100 per cent organic, gluten free, vegan, with no GMO, preservatives or additives.

ViBeri’s new-look packs are available in selected health food stores and supermarkets nationwide or visit


About ViBeri:

Located in South Canterbury’s Pleasant Point, ViBeri is the largest certified-orgnanic blackcurrant orchard in New Zealand.

ViBeri offers an array of top quality 100 per cent organic, New Zealand grown blackcurrant products without preservatives or additives:

Snap frozen organic blackcurrants, straight off the orchard to keep all the goodness packed inside until you’re ready to use them.
Freeze dried or soft dried organic blackcurrants that are perfect for cereals, smoothies, salads and nut mix.
Chocolate covered organic blackcurrants that are rolled in the highest grade organic Belgian chocolate.
Experience the pure goodness of 100 per cent organic New Zealand blackcurrants.

Certified Organic
Gluten free
No preservatives
No additives
Antioxidant rich

About the ViBeri benefits:

Not only are Viberi blackcurrants grown to internationally-recognised organic standards in South Canterbury’s Pleasant Point, these small, yet powerful berries are also known to assist with:

Cardiovascular health
Eye Health and Vision
Kidney health
Exercise recovery (muscle fatigue / stiffness / inflammation)
Healthy bacteria in the gut
Immune function